Alabama’s Paper Airplane Brings Packaging to Life With Its New Augmented Reality Packaging

Alabama’s Paper Airplane Brings Packaging to Life With Its New Augmented Reality Packaging

Paper Airplane Inc., is now live nationally with a new technology that allows its packaging customers to use their product labels to offer a new dimension in marketing and customer service via augmented reality.

Using a brand-new technology called StraxAR, consumers can use its app to point their phones at the label or packaging of a participating product and receive any of a whole array of marketing messages in video or virtually any media.

“It literally brings the packaging to life,” said Paper Airplane Director of Marketing Aubree Anderson. “And the customer can use any message and any presentation. For example, the packaging on a wet mop product might show customers a video on how to easily change its pad, while a tomato sauce manufacturer might show a video with a recipe.

 “It’s a whole new level of consumer engagement,” Anderson said. “It gives the customer more information in a completely new, completely entertaining way, which can increase the probability of purchase.”

Once the label or packaging is in the system, the customer can change the content as often as they like. The same label can show the customer unique seasonal messages even if the packaging hasn’t been produced specifically for the season. It’s also a fast and efficient way to get new information about a product to the consumer.

Because StraxAR doesn’t go through Google or YouTube, there are no algorithmic intrusions or invisible data capturing. The system is direct and doesn’t use QR codes. Will Peters, head of partnerships at Strax, emphasizes the importance of the technology operating outside the influence of those tech giants. “Google would try to influence that transaction, and YouTube wants to keep you hooked on it. StraxAR is its own channel that the client completely controls.” “With this product, we serve only the client and the product,” Anderson said. “This new AR product is a completely ad-free environment where the customer has complete control over the content.”

With operations in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama, Paper Airplane Inc. is Alabama’s single-source company for a full range of corporate marketing services, including commercial printing and packaging, AR-enabled packaging, company-branded marketing products, fulfillment and inventory management, mailing services and creative services, and custom online storefronts. Paper Airplane also offers various environmentally friendly print production options through its optional Enviroprint services.