StraxAR™ instantly creates a mind-blowing “on ramp / off ramp” of direct digital communication between entertainers & their fans for live streams, art, music, stories, collectibles & more - igniting an entirely new experience for both.

StraxAR™ is more than a hot technology; it’s a growing consumer brand. From programs for rock legends like Robby Krieger, Neal Schon, Jimi Hendrix, & Jerry Garcia - to stars like Jessica Lynn, Thaddeus Hogarth and more. Fans around the world are downloading the StraxAR™ app gaining access to exclusive content daily.

For example, a vinyl album cover can trigger an interview with the artist, a t-shirt can sing to you, and a biography can contain ever-changing embedded AR video in every chapter that is exclusive and has never been seen before. The possibilities are endless.

StraxAR can work with any image, including moving images in films. Our platform allows you to create and modify augmented reality video content faster than any platform on earth, and at scale without a significant financial investment.

StraxAR™ builds a "digital bridges" to close the gap between the entertainer and the audience - creating a new experience for both.

StraxAR™ has been adopted by artists, influencers, and brands, driving downloads loyalty, conversion, and excitement!