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 The world is full of experiences waiting to be discovered. With StraxAR, even ordinary objects can come to life through the magic of augmented reality. Our patented platform can add a digital layer of information to any object, whether it's a product, a textbook page, or even a billboard. All you need to do is download the StraxAR app and point your device at the object/image/page, etc.

For example, a vinyl album cover can trigger an interview with the artist, while a schoolbook page can summary or introductory video about each chapter. The possibilities are endless. StraxAR can work with any image, including moving images in films. Our platform allows you to create and modify augmented reality video content quickly and easily, at scale and without a significant financial investment.

In addition, StraxAR is being embraced by influencers and partner brands who are using the platform to engage their fans and customers with interactive experiences that drive purchases and deeper engagement.

If you're ready to explore a new paradigm of media and communication, it's time to ask yourself, "Are You Experienced?"

StraxAR has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including FORBES, Marketwatch, ARVNews, Loudersound, MelodicRock, TDAmeritrade, BlackandMagazine, RelationshipScience, Finanzen, and more.

Special Note: StraxAR does NOT require special paper or anything like that (yes many people have asked us this question!) - our platform works on ANY existing object or image or page or invitation etc.  We can even "bring to life" a wedding album that is 50 years old or a book that is 500 years old.  StraxAR "augments" any object you wish and does NOT require ANY special codes to do so.


How To Use StraxAR:
Step 1:
Download StraxAR™ (Or use download buttons below):

2. Launch the app and turn your phone volume on. 

3. Point your device at any image in the collection and watch it come to life with exclusive enhanced film created & chosen by you. 

4. "Wait For It" and redirect engagement to exclusive media, promotions, and more!

Click Here For Direct Downloads: 


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