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Transform your business with StraxAR™—the effortless way to wow customers and boost sales. Say goodbye to QR codes; just point your phone and immerse in instant, captivating content. Ready to revolutionize your user experience? Download StraxAR™ now and step into the future of engagement!

StraxAR™ generates revenue and creates an unforgettable visitor experience for businesses in several ways:

  • Enhanced Product Sales: By providing customers with instant access to product information, promotions, and purchasing options, StraxAR™ can significantly boost sales. Users who are actively engaged with a product are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: Businesses can use StraxAR™ to create interactive marketing campaigns and experiences. This increased visibility can attract new customers and retain existing ones, leading to higher sales.
  • Data Insights: StraxAR™ interactions provide valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. Businesses can use this data to refine their marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and target their audience more effectively.
  • Promotions and Upselling: The "redirect" feature of StraxAR™ can be utilized to promote special offers, upsell related products, or provide discounts. This can drive additional revenue by encouraging customers to explore and purchase more.
  • Advertisement Sponsorships: Businesses can collaborate with sponsors to create engaging AR experiences using StraxAR™. This opens up opportunities for advertising revenue and partnerships.
  • Subscription Models: In educational or content-based applications, businesses can implement subscription models to access premium content and experiences within StraxAR™. This recurring revenue stream can be quite lucrative.
  • Integration with E-commerce: StraxAR™ can seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, enabling businesses to facilitate online purchases directly through the AR experience. This can lead to increased sales and revenue.
  • Premium Content: Offering exclusive, premium AR content experiences for a fee can be a revenue-generating avenue. Users willing to pay for unique content can contribute to revenue streams.
  • Analytics Services: Businesses can offer analytics and reporting services to other businesses using StraxAR™. These services can help clients understand user behavior and optimize their AR campaigns.
  • Licensing and Partnerships: StraxAR™ can be licensed to other businesses or incorporated into existing partnerships, creating licensing fees or revenue-sharing opportunities.

In summary, StraxAR™ offers a multitude of revenue-generating possibilities for businesses by enhancing engagement, improving brand visibility, providing valuable data insights, and creating opportunities for promotional activities. Its adaptability and potential for customization make it a versatile tool for driving revenue in various industries and settings.

StraxAR has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including FORBES, Marketwatch, ARVNews, Loudersound, MelodicRock, TDAmeritrade, BlackandMagazine, RelationshipScience, Finanzen, and more.

Special Note: StraxAR does NOT require special paper or anything like that (yes many people have asked us this question!) - our platform works on ANY existing object or image or page or invitation etc. We can even "bring to life" a wedding album that is 50 years old or a book that is 500 years old. StraxAR "augments" any object you wish and does NOT require ANY special codes to do so.

How To Use StraxAR:

Step 1:

Download StraxAR™ (Or use download buttons below):

2. Launch the app and turn your phone volume on and up!

3. Point your device at the image below or any image in our collection and watch it come to life with exclusive video and exclusive "redirect"!

4. "Wait For It" and be redirected to engagement of exclusive media, promotions, and more!

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