Redefining Movie-Going with StraxAR:

Emagine Entertainment, in collaboration with Screenvision Media and StraxAR, pioneers a groundbreaking venture, merging physical theaters with the digital realm to elevate the movie-going experience. Recognizing the demand for interactive content, Emagine integrates innovative technology to captivate audiences beyond traditional cinema. StraxAR's unique "redirect" feature transforms everyday theater items into interactive platforms, delighting guests with AR experiences triggered through the StraxAR app. From promotions to games, videos, and private offers, this initiative revolutionizes the cinema industry, offering immersive experiences and advertising opportunities. Emagine establishes a direct, engaging digital channel with its guests, setting a new standard in entertainment. This partnership exemplifies the convergence of technology and entertainment, creating dynamic, enriched experiences for consumers.

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Redefining Education with StraxAR:

Jersey City Public Schools, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize classroom learning. Partnering with StraxAR and Samsung SDS America, the district introduced Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance student engagement and deepen comprehension. The pilot program, spanning two phases over 120 days, equipped students with Samsung Galaxy tablets pre-loaded with the StraxAR app. By scanning designated textbook pages, students unlocked immersive educational content, accelerating learning and accommodating diverse learning styles. Initial results showed a remarkable 94% increase in memory encoding and retention. This innovative approach not only set a precedent for integrating AR into education globally but also demonstrated the transformative power of technology in enriching the learning experience. Jersey City Public Schools' collaboration with StraxAR and Samsung SDS America heralds a new era of immersive, connected education, paving the way for future innovations in classroom learning.

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Redefining Memoirs with StraxAR:

In Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying and Playing Guitar with the Doors, Robby Krieger intertwines his legendary tales with the innovative touch of StraxAR. As readers dive into his memoir, they uncover exclusive video clips and personal insights, courtesy of StraxAR's immersive technology. Seamlessly adapting to various languages, StraxAR ensures a global connection to Krieger's narrative. Beyond the pages, its "redirect" features beckon readers to explore digital extensions of Krieger's legacy. This collaboration transcends the traditional memoir, bridging the gap between print and digital realms. With StraxAR, Krieger invites readers on a captivating journey through augmented reality, reshaping the landscape of storytelling for a new generation.

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Redefining Art with StraxAR:

In the realm of sports, New York Rangers' Jacob Trouba reveals a lesser-known passion: his blossoming art collection, now invigorated by StraxAR's transformative capabilities. With introspection on his dual persona as athlete and artist, Trouba embraces augmented reality (AR), reshaping the narrative of his creations.
Through StraxAR, Trouba's paintings transcend their static forms, offering viewers immersive experiences and exclusive insights through video narratives. With a simple scan, art enthusiasts delve into Trouba's world, where each piece unfolds a unique story.
StraxAR's creator, Eric Singleton, envisions boundless possibilities, where art seamlessly merges with technology. Mike Tankel emphasizes the platform's essence: it's about the experiential journey it offers, empowering users to dictate their engagements. As Trouba's art finds resonance in the digital realm, StraxAR emerges as a beacon of innovation, redefining the art of storytelling.

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