Redefining Art with StraxAR

In the realm of sports, New York Rangers' Jacob Trouba reveals a lesser-known passion: his blossoming art collection, now invigorated by StraxAR's transformative capabilities. With introspection on his dual persona as athlete and artist, Trouba embraces augmented reality (AR), reshaping the narrative of his creations.
Through StraxAR, Trouba's paintings transcend their static forms, offering viewers immersive experiences and exclusive insights through video narratives. With a simple scan, art enthusiasts delve into Trouba's world, where each piece unfolds a unique story.
StraxAR's creator, Eric Singleton, envisions boundless possibilities, where art seamlessly merges with technology. Mike Tankel emphasizes the platform's essence: it's about the experiential journey it offers, empowering users to dictate their engagements. As Trouba's art finds resonance in the digital realm, StraxAR emerges as a beacon of innovation, redefining the art of storytelling.