Why StraxAR?

There are incredible benefits of StraxAR™ technology to create a memorable and unique event.

Special Note: StraxAR does NOT require special paper or anything like that - our product works on ANY existing object or image or page or invitation etc.  We can even "bring to life" a wedding album that is 50 years old or a book that is 500 years old.  StraxAR "augments" any object you wish.

Event RSVPs:
By adding StraxAR to your invitations, you can quickly and easily receive RSVPs from your guests. This eliminates the risk of responses getting lost in the mail or misplaced, ensuring that you have an accurate headcount for your special day. StraxAR's instant redirect feature makes the process of tracking and managing guest responses effortless, helping you to better plan and prepare for your event.

Thank You Cards:
StraxAR's thank you cards allow you to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests with a personal message. By adding our augmented reality component to your cards, you can instantly launch event highlight videos or photos, allowing your loved ones to relive the special moments from your big day. With StraxAR, thanking your guests becomes an interactive and personalized experience that they will surely appreciate and savor.

Scavenger Hunt:
An augmented reality scavenger hunt with StraxAR is a fun and interactive activity for your guests, allowing them to explore the venue and discover hidden elements using their phones and the StraxAR app. It adds excitement and encourages guests to be more active and engaged during the event. The scavenger hunt can also be personalized to fit any theme or style. It's a fun and unique way to make your day one-of-a-kind.

With StraxAR, you can use AR experiences to raise awareness and funds for a charity during your event. Guests can easily donate using platforms like Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp, giving them a way to contribute to a cause that matters to you and them. StraxAR links the experiences directly to donation portals making it easy and seamless for guests to give.

Photo & Wedding Albums:

  1. Interactive Experience: StraxAR™ allows your wedding or photo album to come to life with interactive elements such as animations, videos, and 3D models. This creates a profoundly engaging and immersive experience for all.
  2. Personalization: StraxAR™ can be used to create a customized and personalized album that reflects your individual style and preferences in ways never before seen.
  3. Enhancing memories: With StraxAR™ augmented reality you can embed hidden interactive elements and memories that only you and your loved ones will know about. A simple scan will bring these memories back to life!
  4. Sharing: With a StraxAR enabled album, you can easily share your special day with friends and family who were not able to attend your event. They can still have the opportunity to explore and experience your big day.
  5. Flexibility: A StraxAR album can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to share and view your memories at any time and any place.
  6. Longevity: A digital album using StraxAR has the potential to last much longer than a physical album as it doesn't suffer from degradation over time. You can keep it forever.

The use of augmented reality technology in a wedding or photo album offers an interactive, personalized, and immersive experience that will enhance your memories, make them more shareable, and keep them “evergreen” as the years go by.