Are special changes required to our logo or packaging for StraxAR’s technology to work? Do we need to add a QR code to our physical product?

In a word, no! StraxAR requires no change to the label or graphic for anything to work. StraxAR recognizes the physical object as is and work instantly worldwide wherever it sees it.

Can StraxAR be embedded inside an existing brands app?

You got it. StraxAR can be embedded within an existing brand's app, seamlessly integrating its innovative features to enhance the app's functionality and user experience.

Can StraxAR give us a way to prototype our ideas so we can A/B test our creative in different locations?

Absolutely, StraxAR offers the capability to prototype your ideas, allowing you to A/B test your creative content in various locations effectively.

Can StraxAR scale quickly if we see something working during our testing?

You got it. StraxAR can scale within a day’s time. 

Can StraxAR turn our product into a “living media channel” where we can create episodic content without changes in the program or platform?

Yes. StraxAR can easily support the steady creation and flow of episodic media programming.

Is the content on the StraxAR platform shareable?

The StraxAR content is shareable via the ‘record and share’ button in the app.  This button captures 20 seconds of the entire experience and activates the users social media apps where they can post their experience, thus inviting new users to check out a brands content.

Can a client create their own content and “attach” it to the label or to the portal?

Absolutely.  There is an enterprise account creation component where the user can have their own account and create as much as they want.  Their account is secure and will not be seen by any other account.

When someone scans the object, how do they go back to view that content? Does it live on a website?

In this example, the user would go back to see the content again by ‘Straxing’ the target - to start the programming from the beginning, one must scan the target again. We recommend the content be archived in a video library a set time afterthe debut of the content on the target label.  StraxAR can set up the video library for our clients if necessary. For example, a mixologist recipe video should debut on the label, or a new song by a collaborating musician should debut on the label, but by the NEXT content installment it should be “rolled over” to a YouTube channel or the website of the brand etc., where it can be seen and referenced later.

Is StraxAR easy to use for creators and customers?

Definitely. StraxAR is designed with both creators and customers in mind, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Its ease of use ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can create, engage with, and enjoy immersive experiences, unlocking a world of creativity and interaction at one's fingertips.