No. StraxAR™ requires no change to the label or graphic of anything to work. StraxAR™ will recognize the image as is and work instantly worldwide wherever it sees this image.

The content can be tailored to the country via the graphic or target. Since almost every country features a different label or the same label in a different language, StraxAR™ recognizes that and can thus feature localized content. We can further segment the same label to multiple content streams. We do not segment based on zip codes.

Yes this is easily possible.

Yes. StraxAR™ can scale within a day with ease to a worldwide level if needed.

Yes. StraxAR™ can easily support the steady creation and flow of episodic media programming.

Yes this is possible.

In this example, the user would go back to see the content again by Straxing the target again. You can start and stop the AR video content simply by tapping the screen, but to start at the beginning you must scan the target.

We recommend the content be archived in a video library a set time AFTER the debut of the content on the target label. StraxAR™ can set up the video library for each client or they may want to do it – we have done it both ways. For example, a mixologist recipe video should debut on the label, or a new song by a collaborating musician should debut on the label, but by the NEXT content installment it should be “rolled over” to a YouTube channel or the website of the brand etc., where it can be seen and referenced later.

The StraxAR™ content inside the app is shareable via the “record and share” button in the app. This button captures about 20 seconds of the entire experience and then activates the users social media apps where they can then post their “StraxAR” experience etc., thus inviting new users to check out StraxAR and their brands content, along with all the other brands in the universal collection.

Yes of course – these are separate channels.

Absolutely. There is an enterprise account creation component where the user can have their own account and create as much as they want. Their account is secure and will not be seen by any other account.

Yes you can do that in less than a minute and it will be reflected worldwide instantly

Yes – and there are variations on this theme, best to discuss the options

It depends on the content. For example, a new song drop or a recipe for a new cocktail is very perishable, I would say once a week for new content, never delay more than two weeks. If you had the resources I would do twice a week. As a contrast, Straxing a Pennzoil oil bottle that tells you how to change the oil on your car can stay there for months – since it is educational and relatively static in its frequency of change.

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