Pricing and Billing

Strax Networks Apps:

StraxAR™ for iOS and Android are free of charge for all users worldwide.  There are no charges whatsoever. 

Strax Networks SaaS Enterprise Platform:

All corporate accounts are typically priced with an annual license model.  Pilot projects to try the platform may be shorter duration upon request.  

Customers are charged a contractual fee for StraxAR's cloud-based offerings. Fees depend on client account size and anticipated usage, typical for StraxAR's enterprise software.

We also offer various discounts and incentives. For instance, multi-year contract commitments reduce subscription fees.

Customers of StraxAR can settle invoices through methods like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and purchase orders.

For inquiries regarding Strax Networks' billing, reach out to your Strax Networks sales representative or call directly at:

Strax Networks Inc.

254 Chapman Rd, Ste 208 #10941

Newark, DE, 19702